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When Leadership Takes the Wheel: Special Delivery

In a remarkable display of dedication, Abby Khanna, co-founder of California Plastics, showcased an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction by going the extra mile—literally. When a critical situation arose in July involving a Downey-based customer’s urgent need for polycarbonate resin to sustain their production of essential face shields, Khanna’s unwavering resolve came to the forefront. Faced with the challenge of a shortage of truck drivers in California, a situation mirrored across the nation, Khanna took matters into her own hands.

Undeterred by the obstacles, Khanna’s solution exemplified her determination to ensure the customer’s operations remained uninterrupted. With a driver arrangement falling through, he orchestrated a unique plan: renting a 20-foot van, personally loading the crucial polycarbonate resin shipment at a Los Angeles warehouse, and embarking on a journey. Covering over 100 additional miles, he navigated the road for two and a half hours, driving to San Diego to personally oversee the delivery.

This exceptional undertaking showcases California Plastics’ core values, where the commitment to customer needs takes precedence. Khanna’s self-driven initiative resonates as a testament to the company’s dedication to going above and beyond, ensuring that the wheels of industry keep turning even in the face of challenges.

“We pride ourselves in next-day delivery,” Khanna said. “And the customer needed the material to run that weekend.”

Khanna and his wife, Bianca, launched CP in 2019 after he had worked almost 10 years in the industry. The firm now distributes a wide range of engineering and commodity resins covering 20,000 grades.

CP generates about 70 percent of sales from engineering resins, although the amount of commodity resins it sells is increasing. CP does most of its sales in California but also sells throughout other parts of the U.S. and into Mexico and Canada.

In early 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CP added personal protective equipment to its product mix. The firm continues to offer face masks, face shields, surgical gowns and similar products.

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