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Rotational Molding

Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding involves pouring plastic powder into a mold, which is then heated and rotated until the powder melts and builds up to the desired thickness.

Plastics Resin Distribution

As a trusted supplier of high-quality plastic materials, California Plastics is committed to providing excellent customer service and timely delivery of products to meet the unique needs of its clients.

Plastic Recycling

California Plastics works with all companies in various industries to provide a source to process and recycle plastic pellets, floor sweeps, sheets and other forms of plastic for their projects.

Plastic Compounding

California Plastics will work with you to create the desired plastic blend that changes the thermal, physical and aesthetic and electrical characteristics of the material.

Plastic Resin Distribution
Plastic Recycling
Plastic Compounding


1-833 (225 7527)

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California Plastics is a stocking distributor offering more than 20,000 varieties of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers.

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