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Top 5 Plastics Used in the Automotive Industry

According to a recent study, for every 10% reduction in vehicle’s weight, it reduces fuel usage by 6 to 8%. Automobile makers are currently adopting more modern plastic materials to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency as a result of current environmental and economic concerns.

Advantages that these advanced plastics used in transport vehicle are:

  • Improved safety and comfort
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Flexibility in integrating components
  • Design freedom
  • Weight Reduction

Thermoplastics are a form of plastic that softens when heated, allowing them to be shaped, and then hardens when cooled. Thermoplastics are used to make a wide range of products, including pipes, insulators, adhesives, and more, and many of these items can be recycled and reused. The fact that thermoplastics may be reheated and remolded for various purposes makes them extremely recyclable.

The thermoplastic polymers are strong, but their bonds are weak. This is why these materials are highly recyclable because they may be reused endlessly. Different uses might cause plastics to degrade during recycling, making them less recyclable at each step of the process, however this is usually due to additives rather than the polymers themselves. Chemical additives are frequently used to reinforce thermoplastic connections, making them more difficult to melt and so reducing their potential for reuse.

Let California Plastics take care of all your plastic recycling needs and we can help you reduce costs and save materials!

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